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  • Mai 2017
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    Impressum und Rechtliches

    Mai 2017

    Be The Best You Can Be!

    Here are some of my new tunes (from Mai 2017):

    Four hours of piano practise a day accelerates the piano player on his way.
    Two hours of piano practise a day keeps the piano player on his way.
    Zero hours of piano practise one day (sometimes two) in a week gives new inspiration and automatic improvement (by practising many hours a week).
    Playing with other musicians, singing, practise with choirs, giving lessongs and listening to music is also important.
    And composing is one of some good ways to get mastership and kingdom :-)
    Also do some sport and other good stuff and don't forget to relax :-)
    The way to be a (wise and good) king or master or something like this is long but it's good to be on this way.

    Maik :-)

    Nr.DatumArt des TrainingsDauerHauptfokus & more details
    101.05.2017Musikmix erstellen1:00Tonspuren zeitlich anpassen
    201.05.2017Musikmix erstellen1:003D&Raumeffekte
    301.05.2017Musikmix erstellen1:003D&Raumeffekte
    401.05.2017Musikmix erstellen1:003D&Raumeffekte
    501.05.2017Musikmix erstellen1:00Lautstärke-Balance
    601.05.2017Musikmix erstellen1:00Musikmix fertigstellen
    702.05.2017Keyboard Practise1:00Play and memorize a song on a beat
    802.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Practise & play three songs
    902.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    1002.05.2017Chorprobe vorbereiten (choir)1:00not public
    1102.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    1202.05.2017Chorprobe vorbereiten (choir)1:00not public
    1302.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    1402.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    1502.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Play memorized songs on a slow beat
    1603.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Play and memorize Imagine
    1703.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Play and improvise on Imagine
    1803.05.2017outside activity (giving piano lesson)1:00not public
    1903.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Play different licks on II-V-I
    2003.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Play and practise five songs
    2104.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Play and practise choir songs
    2204.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Play and practise choir songs
    2304.05.2017Prepare Piano lesson1:00not public
    2404.05.2017outside activity (giving piano lesson)1:00not public
    2504.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    2604.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    2705.05.2017Piano Practise1:00mixed
    2805.05.2017Piano Practise1:00mixed
    2905.05.2017Piano Practise1:00mixed
    3005.05.2017prepare choir1:00not public
    3105.05.2017prepare choir1:00not public
    3205.05.2017prepare choir1:00not public
    3305.05.2017prepare choir1:00not public
    3405.05.2017prepare choir1:00not public
    3506.05.2017Piano Practise1:00practise 10 tunes
    3606.05.2017Piano Practise1:00practise 10 tunes
    3706.05.2017Piano Practise1:00practise 10 tunes
    3806.05.2017Piano Practise1:00practise 10 tunes
    3906.05.2017Piano Practise1:00practise 10 tunes
    4006.05.2017Piano Practise1:00practise 10 tunes
    4107.05.2017Composing1:00not public
    4207.05.2017Composing1:00not public
    4308.05.2017Piano Practise1:00locked hand style
    4408.05.2017Piano Practise1:00locked hand style
    4508.05.2017prepare choir1:00not public
    4608.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    4708.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    4809.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    4909.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    5009.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    5109.05.2017prepare choir1:00not public
    5209.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    5309.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    5410.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Practise & Play You've Got A Friend
    5510.05.2017outside activity (giving piano lesson)1:00not public
    5610.05.2017outside activity (giving piano lesson)1:00not public
    5710.05.2017practise choir tunes1:00not public
    5810.05.2017Piano Practise1:00play and practise five songs
    5910.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    6010.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00not public
    6111.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Develope and play ideas on Final Countdown"
    6211.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Practise & play five songs
    6311.05.2017practise choir tunes1:00not public
    6411.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Play memorized songs for one hour
    6512.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Pracitse & play four songs
    6612.05.2017outside activity (giving piano lesson)1:00not public
    6712.05.2017outside activity (giving piano lesson)1:00not public
    6812.05.2017check and test play a piano
    for public performance
    6912.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Develope and play ideas on Final Countdown
    7013.05.2017Piano Practise1:00Develope and play ideas on Final Countdown
    7113.05.2017Practise 5 Tunes1:00
    7213.05.2017Practise 5 Tunes1:00
    7313.05.2017memorize Tunes1:00
    7414.05.2017practise and prepare choir tunes1:00
    7514.05.2017practise and prepare choir tunes1:00
    7814.05.2017relaxed piano practise1:00
    7915.05.2017piano practise1:00
    8015.05.2017piano practise1:00
    8115.05.2017piano practise1:00
    8215.05.2017prepare choir1:00
    8315.05.2017prepare choir1:00
    8616.05.2017Piano Practise1:00
    8716.05.2017prepare choir1:00
    8816.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00
    8916.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00
    9116.05.2017prepare choir1:00
    9216.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00
    9317.05.2017Piano Practise1:00
    9417.05.2017Piano Practise1:00
    9517.05.2017prepare piano lesson1:00
    9617.05.2017give piano lesson1:00
    9717.05.2017Piano Practise1:00
    9818.05.2017Piano Practise1:00
    9918.05.2017Piano Practise & Sing1:00
    10018.05.2017Piano Practise1:00
    10118.05.2017Piano Practise1:00
    10219.05.2017Piano Practise1:00
    10319.05.2017Piano Practise1:00
    10419.05.2017prepare Piano lesson1:00
    10519.05.2017give Piano lesson1:00
    10619.05.2017give Piano lesson1:00
    10719.05.2017Piano Practise1:00
    10819.05.2017listen to music1:00
    10920.05.2017Piano Practise Day Hour 11:0019 Tunes
    11020.05.2017Piano Practise Day Hour 21:0019 Tunes
    11120.05.2017Piano Practise Day Hour 31:0019 Tunes
    11220.05.2017Piano Practise Day Hour 41:0019 Tunes
    11320.05.2017Piano Practise Day Hour 51:0019 Tunes
    11420.05.2017Piano Practise Day Hour 61:0019 Tunes
    11520.05.2017Piano Practise Day Hour 71:0019 Tunes
    11620.05.2017Piano Practise Day Hour 81:0019 Tunes
    11720.05.2017Piano Practise Day Hour 91:0019 Tunes
    21.05.2017automatische Verbesserung19 Tunes
    21.05.2017automatische Verbesserung19 Tunes
    11822.05.2017Piano Practise1:00play 22 Tunes
    11922.05.2017Piano Practise1:00play 22 Tunes
    12022.05.2017prepare choir1:00
    12122.05.2017listen to other musicians and giving feedback1:00
    12222.05.2017listen to other musicians and giving feedback1:00
    12322.05.2017listen to other musicians and giving feedback1:00
    12623.05.2017Piano Practise1:00
    12723.05.2017prepare choir1:00
    12823.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00
    12923.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00
    13023.05.2017prepare choir1:00
    13123.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00
    13223.05.2017outside activity (choir)1:00
    13323.05.2017listen music1:00
    13423.05.2017listen music1:00
    13423.05.2017listen music1:00
    13524.05.2017piano practise1:00
    13624.05.2017piano practise1:00
    13724.05.2017piano practise1:00
    13824.05.2017piano practise1:00
    13924.05.2017choir prepare1:00
    14024.05.2017choir prepare1:00
    14325.05.2017piano practise1:00all tunes practised on 88 bpm :-)
    14425.05.2017piano practise1:00all tunes practised on 88 bpm :-)
    14525.05.2017piano practise1:00all tunes practised on 88 bpm :-)
    14625.05.2017piano practise1:00all tunes practised on 88 bpm :-)
    14726.05.2017piano practise1:00all tunes practised on 88 bpm :-)
    14826.05.2017piano practise1:00all tunes practised on 88 bpm :-)
    14926.05.2017piano practise1:00study K. Hewitt Piano School
    15026.05.2017piano practise1:00study K. Hewitt Piano School
    15127.05.2017prepare piano lesson1:00
    15227.05.2017give piano lesson1:00
    15327.05.2017give piano lesson1:00
    15427.05.2017play piano1:00
    15528.05.2017practise piano1:00
    15628.05.2017practise piano1:00
    15729.05.2017prepare piano lesson (for a profi pianist)1:00
    15829.05.2017prepare piano lesson (for a profi pianist)1:00
    15929.05.2017practise piano1:00
    16029.05.2017practise piano1:00
    16129.05.2017give piano lesson (for a profi pianist)1:00
    16229.05.2017practise piano1:00
    16329.05.2017practise piano1:00
    16430.05.2017prepare choir1:00
    16630.05.2017prepare choir1:00
    16830.05.2017practise piano1:00
    17131.05.2017practise piano1:00
    17231.05.2017prepare piano lessons1:00
    17331.05.2017give piano lesson1:00
    17431.05.2017give piano lesson1:00
    17531.05.2017practise piano1:00
    17631.05.2017practise piano1:00
    17731.05.2017practise piano1:00

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